This is a video that shows the diffusion of dye in a beaker of water (just like the demonstration we did in class).
This video is a good and straight forward explanation of osmosis.

This is an Access Learning Video. Get the username and password from PCR under October 24

This is a great review video for your 1.2 Cells Quiz on Friday. Isn't Bill Nye so much fun?!
This is a great video to help you to understand diffusion and osmosis. For diffusion, start the video from the beginning and stop at 8:15. For osmosis, watch from 10:40 to the end of the video. There is some terminology in this video that you do not need to know for grade 8 (for example, hypertonic and hypotonic), so you can ignore these. However, if you understand the terminology and it helps you to understand the diffusion and osmosis, use them!
This is an example of a cell analogy. The analogy that the cell is being compared to is an amusement park. This is not an ideal example, but a good one for you to get an idea of what I am looking for in your cell analogy project and presentation.
This video explains all the parts of the cell. The narrator goes into more detail than you need to know for grade 8 Science, however, its a great informative video that will help you understand the structure of a cell. The section on organelles for assembly, transport and storage (Ribosomes, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Golgi Bodies, and Vesicles) is very good from 7:15-15:45 in the video. This video relates to your 1.2 CELLS (PART 1) note package.
This video goes through the different organelles in an animal cell in a catchy way.
This virtual tour of the cell covers more information that you will need to know for grade 8 Science, but I think you could benefit from watching the video.
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